** SILICON BRONZE WASHERS, flat, split, internal, external **

Silicon bronze washers. Flat washers and helical split lock washers in silicon bronze. Internal tooth lock washers and external tooth lock washers in phosphor bronze to add extra hardness to the teeth. The flat washers and split lock washers may be alloy 651 or 655. The helical spring split lock washers are manufactured to ANSI B18.21.1. Hard to find items our specialty. Shopping is easy and delivery is fast.

Silicon Bronze Washers - Flat Helical Split Lock Washer Phosphor Bronze Internal Tooth Lock Washers External Tooth Lock Washers

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We carry a full line of silicon bronze washers and phosphor bronze internal tooth and external tooth lock washers. Should you need machine screws or other industrial fasteners please go to the catalog index on the browse page and see our listings for other industrial fastener stores.

This department of the silicon bronze fasteners web store deals exclusively with silicon bronze washers. If you want bolts you should go to the silicon bronze bolts department by clicking on this hot link. If you want silicon bronze nuts you should click on the hot link and then on either of the two pictures at the top of the page.

You can shop and buy these industrial fasteners online. All body size diameters, both coarse thread (NC) and fine thread (NF) are available. If you need silicon bronze nuts to go with the silicon bronze bolts and washers that you buy, please go to the silicon bronze nuts page of this web site. Other fasteners such as tap bolts, structural bolts and cap screws as well as serrated washer flange screws can be found in the cap screws store.

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